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Dinner with friends, Paris, October 2013

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I currently live in the middle of "Old Paris," just a block from Centre Pompidou, near Notre-Dome and Musée du Louvre. Musée d'Orsay is also within a pleasant walking distance either by the Seine or through the Tuilerie Garden. As you can imagine, there are many prominent artists dwell in this area, and Roger Bénévant is one of them. He lives on the 1st floor of my apartment, and he is both a gifted painter and an accomplished sculptor: There is an entry for Roger Bénévant at Wikipédia, but you can also find him at the guest section of this site called, "My favorite artists," as well as his own at:

Above hand painted snapshot (an impression of paris 1) shows the northwest end of Ȋle de la Cité where my previous apartment was located, which was once inhabited by another distinguished artist, Jules Hervé-Mathé. Jules Hervé-Mathé also has an entry at Wikipédia, and so is his son, Jules-René Hervé. There are a number of articles and galleries on the Internet that talk about them and display their paintings. It seems almost impossible not to live by a distinguished artist or two in Paris.


This website showcases mostly my recent "paintings" that were originated from either my own paintings on paper or my digital camera that I carry all the time. "Computer graphics" were all originated in a computer program from the scratch; however, they all feel like paintings to me, because I always finish everything by hand-painting at the pixel levels. Most often, I would completely go over almost every single pixel in an image, and then go over them again most likely several more times spending weeks and months.

A computer graphics artist once asked me why I would bother editing rendered images of computer graphic programs. It took me sometime to understand his question, but he was probably thinking that computer graphic programs were all so perfect that there was nothing one would need to do to their outcomes. The fact is that every single computer graphic progam has its own peculiar characteristic with strengths and weaknesses. I have never come across a perfect program, and I doubt if we ever would.

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